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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Practicing for Death

Dear Dandler,

You've learned that we must bear our crosses, and the death of Self is the greatest cross. We're not entirely rid of it until we can tolerate ourselves as simply and patiently as we do our neighbor. 

But if we die a little each day, then on our last day alive, we'll have very little to do! If we learn to die now by abandoning ourselves to God, then what we dread in the future will cause us no fear. We'll have had practice! 

You see, physical death is really the external reflection of what we truly fear: the destruction of our inner Self. People don't want to die, because it means losing themselves and being powerless to stop it. However, those who learn to die to Self by trusting in God, will be ready to meet this final enemy with faith and hope

So bear with all your weaknesses, and allow yourself to be dependent on God and the help of others. Oh, how these little daily deaths will completely destroy the power of that final Death! 

~ F. Fenelon

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