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Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcoming Those Who Hurt Us

Dear Dandler,

All your troubles give me pain, because I hate to see you like this, though I can't do anything but pray that God would comfort you. You have a great need for the Holy Spirit to sustain you in your difficulties and to restrain your natural tendency to act out under these trials. As to the person who hurt you, I think you should lay it before God alone, and beg His mercy on the one who meant to injure you.

I've always thought that you were sensitive to what others thought about you. God always attacks our weak point. We don't aim to kill a person by striking his insensible parts, such as the hair or nails, but his sensitive organs, the very sources of his life. When God has us die to Self, He always touches the most tender places, that which is most full of life. This is how He distributes crosses.

Allow yourself to be humbled in this way. Silence and peace under humiliation are good for your soul. We might be tempted to speak out in these situations, even if trying to sound humble, but it's still far better to be humbly silent. Humility that talks has to be carefully watched; Self-love gets its comfort from its outspoken words.

Don't allow yourself to be affected by what's said about you. Let the world talk! You do what pleases God. Anyway, you could never do enough to satisfy people and keep them happy, so it's not worth the pain! A moment of silence, of peace, of union to God, will give you back whatever you've lost from people who've mistreated you, for every evil thing that's been uttered against you. 

We must love our neighbors without expecting friendship from them. They leave us and return; they go and they come. Let them do as they will! Their loyalty is like a feather, blown about by the wind. Only see God in them, for He uses them to afflict or console us in life, according to our need.

~ F. Fenelon

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