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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Christmas Gift

Can you return a bad attitude? 

I know the day after Christmas, shoppers scramble to bring back all their unwanted gifts; the products that well meaning, but ill informed gift-givers lovingly wrapped and gave, only to see their presents irreverently ripped to shreds and faces fall as recipients see that the shirt they got was too small, the blouse too tacky, or the book already read. So people basically receive an errand for Christmas, forced to make another trip to the mall. 

This Christmas I got a bad attitude, or maybe it's just a bad case of E.D. Whatever it is, I wish I could take it back. Life once again seems directionless, meaningless, and generally frustrating. God seems distant and uninvolved. I'm getting sick of trying to build character but going nowhere. Every day this week feels like I got up on the wrong side of the bed, but lately every side is the wrong side. 

So there it is, my Christmas gift. I don't like it, but I don't have it in me to take it back and exchange it for something better. I'll fold it up, hold on to it for a while, put it in my drawer and hopefully just forget it's there. I'll give my "Thank you, it's wonderful!" speech and make the best of it, because it takes too much effort to put it back in the box, drive to the mall, and deal with the clerk. 

Maybe it'll grow on me.

'Twas the day after Christmas, and all through my soul
An attitude brewed, like a big lump of coal.
I could try to return it, but Santa gets mad
When he gives me a present that'll make me feel sad,

And I try to return it, 'cause he gave it for keeps,
Just to rob me of joy and then rob me of sleep.
The receipt will be missing, no sign of the store,
But there's always the option to go out and buy more.

I'll just keep it and see if I'll get it to fit,
'Cause rather than dealing, I'll stew in my $#!@.
So on Christmas beware when Saint Nick comes around,
And he gets rid of Christ, turning laughter to frowns,

For he loves to bring heartache to kids of all ages,
In all walks of life and in various stages,
Getting eyes off of Jesus and onto ourselves,
And onto the stuff we can add to our shelves.

As belongings build up while our souls take a spill,
He just laughs, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" as we bend to his will,
And you'll hear him exclaim, as he drives out of sight:

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