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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys - The Secret Service Scandal and Sex Trafficking

USA Today ran the following op-ed article. had a link to the article called, It's Not Just About Boys Being Boys. It exposed the true problem behind events like the Secret Service scandal that broke at the beginning of last week.: Colombia scandal exposes sex trafficking growth –

On the news and on many social media outlets, the outrage was primarily that the Secret Service, on government time and money (our time and money), exposed the President to danger by introducing the distraction of sexual dalliance into their work environment, when they should have been clearing the way for his arrival. Instead of clearing the way, they were leering away: at women engaged in prostitution at a brothel and in a city and country known for it's sex trafficking. Therein lies the true "sin" in what was done. As the article says, our government representatives were involved in activity that promotes practices built upon a world-wide sex trade, a severe violation of human rights - something the United States strives to combat. We should be setting the example.

And what's with the "boys will be boys" mentality? I've heard it before. Actually, a non-Christian friend of mine recently told me he's going with a group of guys to Las Vegas, with one specific goal: to get another one of them "laid" (presumably by a stripper or hooker if no willing participant is found). A good time had by all, right? My friend may be joking, but it reflects that kind of mentality. Yet anyone who argues that strip joints, pornography, or prostitution is just "boys being boys" is either ignorant or uncaring. I mean, we could say that about anything

Rape? "Well, that's just boys being boys." 

Alcholism? "That's just boys being boys." 

How about pedophilia? "That's just boys being boys." (And if you argue no one would say that for something like pedophilia, that was precisely the argument given by some in the Roman empire in favor of institutionalized child sex slavery.) 

Where do we draw the line? When do enough people get hurt before we stop using them? Young boys often fight with each other, talk back to their mothers, cheat on tests, shoplift, experiment with drugs, demonstrate at times a severe lack of discipline. So is that okay? Do we accept that? Anyone watched Children of the Corn? When those kids are hacking up the grownups, nobody says, "Well, boys will be boys!" We say, "No! Stop that! Nobody should be hacking people up, especially young children!" We say the same about misfit teens. We tell them to "grow up," so why can't we say that to grown men who act like teens. 

I'm not trying to be a Judgeroo. I've engaged in my own perverse and immoral sexual practices. I know what it's like to do anything it takes to have sex. I know what it's like to be driven by lust and, many times, to never be satisfied. But that doesn't mean I can't say that the things I've done are wrong. In fact, I've experienced first hand why they're wrong: the damage they did to me, my soul, and to other people. What happened with the Secret Service isn't wrong because it put the President in danger, though this is certainly the case. It's wrong because it puts the weak and defenseless in danger: women who are kidnapped and forced into slavery; the poor who sell their daughters for money; the individual girls who become prostitutes because they need food or they have to pay for the drugs they're addicted to. There's a greater problem here that goes beyond Secret Service evil doings, or even the problem of modern slavery. It's the human heart. 

This is what dandling is all about: we need to know God, discover what He's like, and find out the point of all our lives. We need to know what real love is and go out and show people who don't know. This includes both the victims and the perpetrators of sin in this world. Love changes hearts, and love comes from God. So we must know God. The love of God cures Existential Dread and all the sins that come from that: depression, despair, hatred, mid-life crises, marital affairs, sexual and drug addictions. His love gives us peace when our bodies and minds are saying, "You're going to die! There's nothing more than what we see! Go out there and get some! Live, Damnit! Live!" It shows us what real life is. It teaches us we're not just animals; we're not just boys doing what we feel like; we're so much more. We can escape our base natures to become the children of God He intended us to be. When that happens, we can go out and free others up to do the same.

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