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Thursday, October 23, 2014



It's been three months since writing DandleBlog. I came close to doing away with it; I felt my life was taking another turn. Turns out the turn is still somewhere up ahead. The past three months have been something of a whirlwind. I've considered possibilities in new relationships, romance, careers, ministry, and even churches. There have been mostly disappointments along the way, or unresolved opportunities, possible moves that didn't turn out as I'd wanted them to. There were searches for "signs" from God that remain just that: searches, as I keep hobbling on to the next signpost. I'm trying to get comfortable with not knowing things and living with undisclosed answers, but it's disappointment, what I call the dead things in life, that still pack a hard punch. Hard as they are to bear, I'm trying to believe they will fertilize my future victories.